Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our house

This is what we woke up to this morning.....I can't imagine how my just arising tulips and my poor crocus will do in this weather!
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  1. Oh my! We had a light dusting of snow and a little sleet this morning, but nothing like this. March is such a fickle month, isn't it? I'm sure your crocus will be fine; hopefully, the tulips will survive as well.

  2. Keep us posted as to how they will have survived.

  3. Oh no! More snow and just when you thought it was safe to think spring was here :(

  4. c'était ce weekend ? impressionnant, cela ne doit pas être facile à vivre, mais voilà une belle photo.

    it was this weekend? impressive, it must not be easy to live, but this is a beautiful picture.

  5. You better to think, that tulips and crocus covered by snow are in safe against a frost !
    I hope so anyway.
    We have a first day, when snow starts to melt a little. My leaves of crocuses also start to grow under snow and when snow is finally gone, crocuses are ready to make flowers.
    But not yet :)
    I want to know now, how your flowers did manage!

  6. Not my leaves but leaves of crocuses ;)

  7. Still having that lot of snow?
    Seems Winter is giving a lot's of fight to Spring around there.

  8. i laugth here it's spring

    You can take a beautiful photo

  9. Omg, thats a lot of snow!

    Hows your daughter doing? Enjoying India ?


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