Sunday, March 8, 2009

3 Muses

I caught the 3 Muses as I was on my way up the escalator. Who knew they were showing up at the Venetian for a performance? Later they stepped into the waterfall behind them and did an intricate hand dance with water flowing from their fingertips but I had already passed them and could not get a good shot of them.Sorry for the poor quality of this photo.
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  1. Great shot, the problem with me getting good shots in Vegas was nobody wanted to stop while I took the photos. I had to snap on the run.

  2. Don't apologize, it's a great snapshot! They are amazing, the really look like marble!

  3. Indeed, they look like marble figurines/statues :-)

    Great shot!

  4. trois muses pour trois belles statues
    three Muses for three nice statues

  5. at first i thought they were marble figures. but then you said they moved. nice shot nevertheless.


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