Monday, March 9, 2009

The Bellagio

They have quite a nice walkway over the very busy road. This corner has Caesar's Placae, The Flamingo, Bally's, Paris and some other smaller hotels. If you look waaayy down the street past Bellagio's, you will see the newly opened (in the past year) Playboy Club. I was tempted to walk there but objects in the distance...really are that far!!! So I settled for a snapshot. Just a few more photos to share from Las Vegas.
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  1. What a huge hotel! I would have to join you in merely taking a photo since the distance to the Playboy Club is just too far!

  2. le casino au fond est magnifique.
    the casino at the bottom is splendid.

  3. That traffic in Vegas is unreal. We took one of those walks, from Harrahs to Luxor...I think I heard someone say its just right there.

  4. Hi Neva,
    Nice building that looks like the "cake" wich I've seen in Italy, whats inside this building? Just curious...
    Greetings JoAnn and Ios

  5. I read somewhere that Las Vegas has the highest vacancy rates in the US. With buildings this big, I'm not surprised!

  6. We stayed at the Bellagio on our last trip to Las Vegas - it's gorgeous, and worth it just to look out of the window and see those incredible fountains.

    Hard to believe they can shoot the water right up to the top of that central column of windows ... but they can, and do!


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