Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Luxor

Maybe you will be impressed with the Luxor...but I was not.....very dark inside and not as nice as most of the other hotels we walked through....even the Excaliber was IS a castle after all! Only a few more shots of Las really is a great place to take pictures.
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  1. LOL! We're travelling the whole world with you!

  2. Looks like Inverness, Illinois had a lot of snow this year. No wonder you headed for Vegas! Hope you had fun.

  3. This looks very oriental. I have never been to LasVegas. Have a great week!

  4. Isn't the meaning of 'lux' light? Weird.

    I had as much fun seeing Las Vegas' hotels as you did taking photos!

  5. Wow ... someone was in Vegas!
    Hope ou had a great time ...

    Guess there's nothing like the real thing no?
    Therefore, considering Egypt for the real pyramid is the better solution?

  6. I wanted to go up in the slanted elevators, but they wouldnt let us without a room key.


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