Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Christmas Carol

I was downtown last night for a tuba concert and at the Metra they were having different Catholic Schools sing carols. It was a very busy place and I had a hard time getting close enough to get a good picture. They sure sounded sweet and I have no idea which school this was.
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  1. Kids singing carols - its nearly christmas!

  2. What fun---I like to watch and hear the kids singing.

    We don't usually get much if any snow and this is crazy!!! Thanks for visiting. MB

  3. What fun! Caroling and singalongs really bring out the Christmas spirit.

  4. I avoid malls and other places where people gather so I have missed the caroling this year.

    I just dont like people really, LOL.

  5. simply beautiful. i love it. happy holidays neva.


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