Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sparty and Emma

Sparty is staying with us for a while. Emma, my neighbor, came over to visit him......I am amazed that her hair is the same color as Sparty's spots!
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  1. and the same colour as the chest of drawers, the door, and almost the same colour as the floor tiles...nicely colour coordinated!

  2. Very cute - both of them!
    I had a peak at your recent posts - they are so lovely & give me a such a sense of home.
    On your DMV manual comment - I agree, sure would be nice if everyone did learn English. I am a successful product of ESL program of LA Unified - total English immersion and I was done in 1 year(came to LA at 12 from former Yugoslavia) but my biggest advantage was that if I wanted to communicate I had to learn English.

  3. belle photo, beaux portraits.

    beautiful picture, beautiful portraits.

  4. I agree with Niamh, Very nice colour shades!
    The yard on your previous photo look just great.

  5. Great colours and this photo!
    And the shades make a lovely contrast.


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