Monday, October 13, 2008

A putting green

I am not sure I want to change my carpets to this but it sure was an interesting room to see! (in one of the model homes we saw last weekend.)
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  1. c'est très original, tu as un dix huit trous chez toi ;o)).
    it's very original, you have eighteen holes home ;o)).

  2. Almost reminds me of some 1970s desperation gimmicks builders used trying to entice people to buy their homes. I can't imagine having this in my home.

    If I was a fisherman I would want a place to cast a line indoors too if my wife was a golfer. LOL

  3. I'm terrible in miniature gold so I guess this is one way to practice at home. I think whacking the ball at a driving range would be more fun.

  4. I think its cool. I would like a carpet like that. You could paint the walls with people and make it your own US Open.

  5. That would go over big in this community ... all golf!

  6. An effective alternative too wii sports golf... :-)

  7. OK - so if they did the golf green, where's the pasture for "Louis?"

    (Editor to "Louis:" We're going to put you out to pasture, all right!"

    "Louis" to Editor: As I've told you before, I DO hope that you will take a long walk off a short plank over the shark tank. The one at Monterey Bay Aquarium would work quite nicely...)


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