Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter Wonderland


This is the other side of my yard. The dogs are certainly enjoying the snow and cold. And this is also NOT in Black and White! I never got around to bringing in these shepherds hooks that I hang plants on....I should be organized in my yard work.
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  1. Magnifique, j'adore les paysages de neige et cette année on est servi

  2. I come tip toeing and knock at the door again, hpoing there's no broom stick waiting for me :)) after ages I found your blog again!

    Seeing this photo I see there's no ocean that can stop snow!
    A nice scene.

  3. I had great holidays, thank you.
    As you can see I closed all the other blogs and started this one; unlike you, I seem to be unable to keep the same blog for a long time but I must stop loosing friends links every time I change.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Oh, by the way ... also had to change the email ... now it starts with quint!

  4. It does look like a winter wonderland. Ohio is alot like this. I like the plant hooks in the picture, they are looking for springtime!

  5. Hi Neva! Sorry for the delay, but a new year always brings new troubles; and the Chinese spam... ;)

    I'm glad we don't have that white here in Lisbon... ;) But the picture is lovely!!

    Meanwhile a new blog is born: Blogtrotter Two! Hope you enjoy at least as much as the previous version and look forward to reading your comments!
    Have a great week ahead!!!

  6. With all this snow, I believe you have some time to think about your yard and garden work! But, the spring will come! :-)

  7. Fantastic indeed a wonderland. like Holland is the sam but today first time without snow...

    Greetings from JoAnn/Holland

    NB Ios is sick that why I did not visit often (see C&D blog)

  8. Neva - oh, Neva?! Where are you Neva? We haven't seen you in 16 days!

  9. Hello Neva, this is beautiful. Did you take it during the daytime? It looks like dusk....... I would have thought it was a B&W photo!

  10. Keep on posting such stories. I love to read stories like that. By the way add some pics :)

  11. Great photo!! Good job!!


  12. Neva, let «Louis» know when you return!

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