Friday, January 8, 2010

This is not my car-whew!


We have just had a snow storm move through the area for the past 3 days. The parking lot where I work is very very good about cleaning out the snow....however, a younger neighbor decided to hide their car from the repossesser's and parked it in the work lot and this did NOT make the maintenance guys a they blocked it in. The owner showed up and immediately turned around and walked away. I imagine they will try and dig out tomorrow when no one is around.
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Later that day the maintenance guys DID snow blow her out of this mess.....but I think they made their point...park elsewhere!


  1. Oy! A vandalized house yesterday - a potentially repossessed vehicle today.

    Is this the CHANGE we HOPEd for?

    Too much of this is going on, coast-to-coast...

  2. dans la neige, on dirait un jouet ;)

  3. The weather is really amazing. We don’t have snow at all. We had lots of snow only in December. The New Year Eve started with rain and it still has been raining instead of snowing. What a weird weather!


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