Monday, October 26, 2009

The Windy Inverness

Chicago is known as the "Windy City" but over the weekend, the wind was certainly whipping this flag around as if we were on the lakefront! Hope you had a good weekend!
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  1. Hi Neva
    I saw your name pop up in my comments and felt thrilled you'd stopped by, then I felt guilty I'd not been visiting here in a while... but I'm here now ha!
    Everything is fine in Wiggers World... a new Grandson 3 months ago called Malakai... he comes with twin brothers aged 6 and a sister ages 7 from mothers previous relationship.. Jane and I was worried by that at first... but our son as took to being a dad to all of them so well... it really as been the making of him. The older children call us Gran and Granddad... and we have then all over to stay on Saturdays.. which is great.. They go to scholl just around the corner so we do get to see them and Malakai nearly every day.
    Anyhow glad to see you are still blogging away and showing your city off to the world. Take care my friend, it was a pleasure seeing your name today..

  2. At least the wind lets you read "Inverness" in full!

  3. It's that season again. Just like the other Inverness in Scotland!


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