Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Inverness Town Hall

We residents actually call this the "castle" as it is supposed to be a Scottish one I think.. but this is where I go to vote. I was out over the weekend taking some photos and trying out new settings -or different settings on my camera besides "Auto" ....I really don't get the whole white balance thing. This one is a bit blurry but it really strikes me as a fall shot.
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  1. Very Scottish castle (not!) No, seriously its a lovely building and a better place to vote than the hut we have to go to.

    Camera settings are scary. They shouldn't be, but they are!

  2. I like the composition on this photo; the fall colors and that fairytale castle. Just beautiful!

  3. A really nice Town Hall!

    I also tried to learn to do some manual settings... Then I checked what the automatic would have given: The same thing! Now I'm definitely back to the automatic settings!

  4. It looks more Baltic than Scottish with those turrets.

  5. You have such an unusual, but very pretty and striking, town hall. Love the fall colors!


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