Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dawn on the Deck

I was out with the dogs this morning around 5:30 and as I looked off our deck ay my neighbor's driveway, this view struck me. It has been so "fall-like" here. Our average temperature the month of July was 69.6*F which is the lowest since they started recording tempratures. The dogs are enjoying the cooler temperatures but we have an entire garden of tomatoes that still think it is June. Lots of greenery but no red tomatoes. I hope it warms up long enough to riped them but it won't be the first time we have lost a whole crop of tomatoes!
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  1. We have the same issue with our tomatoes. I fear that there will be a freeze before they ripen.

    You made a terrific comment on Olivier's blog this morning, and it's true. He's amazing.

  2. So weather round there keeps going wild?
    Great photos from China you got here too.

  3. You might be making green tomato chutney!

  4. Congratulations for being up so early .Lovely capture from your deck. Hope you get those tomatoes.


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