Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tulip saga

Overnight the temperature went from 37* to 81* and then back to 44*. So it is no wonder I was shocked to see my tulips had bloomed. This is what my tulips look like. They never have drooped like this before. I can only assume it is from the trama of the weather we have had!
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  1. I'm sure they will perk up in the sunshine!

  2. You are lucky to have tulips. . . I only have a few since the deer love my yard so much. But I have daffodils! Happy Spring!

  3. That's got to be it, Neva. Still and all, the color is lovely. I like that statue, too!

  4. Well, Neva, my friend, try to see things from the bright side ... at least you have tuplips to be seen. Me, on the other hand, got nothong this year.

    They did really grow again but after hope came ... nothing!
    More rough weather and cold just killed them!

  5. Sorry they drooped. Hopefully they will come back.

  6. Your flowers looked better than mine. I can blame mine on lack of watering and hot weather.


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