Friday, March 7, 2008

Period glass

Ok I am not sure what this pink glass is called, but my friend that collects Santa's also collects this. It is in her dining room and she has some lovely pieces.


  1. Hi Neva
    This is one of my favourites.. it is known as Cranberry Glass.

    Theres lots on the internet about this as it is very collectable.. Also another kind which is gaining in value is the glassware given as prises at fairs shows and where it gets its name from 'Carnivals'

    Hope you don't mind the links but as this is an interest to me a couldn't help it.

    I did have some of both these collectables at one time but they went to Ebay along with lots of other stuff to pay bills after I was first taken ill and unable to work. I still follow the interest but do not collect now.

  2. Always learning at your blog. When you don't know, one of your visitors explains... Cranberry Glass? Great!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks Old Tom for answering the is very beautiful. Your friend's display is quite stunning. I cannot believe all that snow still lying around where you live...I expect you are wishing for Spring to arrive.

  4. Hey Neva
    Hmmm I do NOT know anything about glass, but Like ou style of photography, also your writing ad your DOGS!!!

    Wooof from Ios and happy greetings form JoAnn.
    Please watch my sky ....

  5. There looks to be some nice pieces there.


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