Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Foot bridge

As I've mentioned, Inverness is acre minimums lots. In the older, more established parts of Inverness, it can look very rural. I have always liked this view as I drive by and I am showing it to let you know that our snow from yesterday did not last long!
For a smile, you might enjoy this .


  1. Hi Neva..
    What a nice little bridge.. but what caught my eye was this bigger tree on the right.. interesting bark, it seems to be twisting. Do you know what kind of tree it is?


  2. My first visit here. Found you via Chicago Daily Photo. I really enjoyed your photos from your trip to San Francisco. I left my heart there in 2002 and moved to Washington, DC. Wish I'd never left.

    If you want to continue your tour of SF, I recommend this photo blog:

  3. Our snow didn't really even stick in the city. Higher hills surrounding Seattle were a different story, though. Too close to April Fools Day ... this must really be a joke. -:)

  4. Glad the snow cleared. This is a lovely scene. I liked the link! I left a comment there too!

  5. Our snow is slowly going too! Thank goodness. I am READY for spring!

    I do like the pastoral look.

  6. My attention was also caught by the tree which seems to have big warn.
    I liked the good morning photo very much but I have to confess, it is nice to see a bit of green:-)
    Have a great week-end,

  7. The foot bridge is cute, but the tree is awesome!

  8. Glad the snow did last long.

    Love the play on words in your other blog.

  9. Good! Glad it didn't last. I think we still have a bit more than you do, but........

    Such a pretty spot!

  10. Nice bridge, Neva, looks bucolic!

    Have a lovely Sunday!

  11. Beautiful! I wish we had that kind of zoning here. It's so much nicer to have space.


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