Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Board of Trade

Hubby and I had dinner down in Chicago last night and we had to walk down what is known as the Financial District of Chicago. The tall building at the end of the street is the Chicago Board of Trade building.


  1. You do get out and about!! Good for you!

  2. Great photo. And a good angle on the photo Neva.

  3. comme dans toutes les grandes villes américaines, cela fait penser a un canyon.
    as in all big American cities, it makes think has a canyon.

  4. Nice photo of Chicago Board of Trade building, Neva! It looks an impressive building.

    I miss to live in a big city... I have been living in country since 1998.

  5. nice shot neva-- i love street shots

  6. Nice street scene. Hope you enjoyed your meal!

  7. I love city scenes!! I miss them! I'm here in Kowtown, you know, lol.

  8. Oh, sorry, I got carried away there ... great shot!!

  9. Neat picture, the street seems so narrow.

  10. I like this shot. The people are dressed as if it is very cold, I note.

  11. Neva,
    You are a gem to even look into this because of my comment. The choice that blogspot offers that I'm talking about has these choices on the comment page...
    Choose an identity
    Google/blogspot ~
    open Id ~
    name/url ~

    The third choice Name/Url is the choice that makes it the easiest for blog carnivals.

    when I click on name/url it opens 2 boxes for me.
    one to put my name in (ellen b)
    and one to put my post specific url in (
    Neva, if this is causing you too much grief I for one am happy to go through all the motions to keep commenting. I appreciate your efforts!

  12. Oh and I also wanted to tell you that I love Chicago. I was able to spend some time there when my daughter was in school at Wheaton College in Wheaton. We'd take the train into chicago and enjoy our walks around the windy city...

  13. hi again neva!
    since you don't want to deal with anonymous then you have made the best choice. thank you for dealing with me so graciously. How fun that we share some things in common. Enjoy...

  14. Great picture, I think the FEDEX truck makes it. I came over to see your ABC post. I wouldn't trade my Jeep Cherokee it was real handy this winter!

  15. Interesting to see the street down in Chicago. I never have been there...

    Have a great weekend NEVA, please come for a visit at my blog with 48 Sky's (collage) from Luxemburg...

    Greetings from JoAnn (Holland)

    and I've more of my Europe.

  16. I do like this shot! And this little piece of orange gives it light and life ...I've never been in Chicago (only NYC...) but this is exactly what I can imagine about this city.

  17. Looks very much like Wall Street in NYC.

    I've never been to Chicago. Maybe this summer.


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