Monday, March 31, 2008


I was downtown for dinner the other evening at the Union League Club. These flowers were fresh and they smelled soooo nice. Since we had snow last week, this is as close to Spring as I can get right now!


  1. I had a great surprise today.. I saw some of our Summer visitors. House Martains.. these birds normally appear arounf the 20-25 April or have done for as long as I have watched for them.. I saw five today flying around.

  2. In Portugal are in the spring, lots of sun, flowers, great time.

    Beautiful flowers.

  3. ce bouquet de fleurs est magnifique

    This bouquet of flowers is beautiful

  4. How lovely! They do look like a wonderful taste of spring. That was a good idea to feature them on your blog!

  5. A beautiful arrangement of flowers......oh my allergies. I have been sneezing all day today. The pine trees have a lot of yellow pollen in them right now. So yes, Spring is in my air.....sneeze, sneeze.


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