Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On the street where I live

It seems like it was overnight the leaves went from green to brown. This is the sugar maple in front of my house that usually turns a BRILLANT color of red. It is turning orange and dropping leaves. The Honey Locus has already dropped all its leaves. Maybe because we haven't had a lot of rain in the past month......
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  1. Same here:
    One day green
    One day orange
    One day red
    One day GONE! MB

  2. The trees are turning and dropping their leaves too. Some are even green when falling owing to the severe drought we are having this year.

  3. That's a nice maple tree looking quite beautiful with that red colours.
    You know the french writter Marguerite Yourcenar once wrote that it's in Autumn that trees show us all their beauty by changing into hundreds of colours. I think she's got a point there!

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  5. I don't have snow in Auckland city, but I remember what cold winter was like when I lived in Canada.


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