Monday, February 22, 2010

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a..


.....Ram Dodge truck (truck of the year!)--suspended upside down at the Chicago Auto Show....One of the few things that I felt was a photo opp. Usually, one can be WOWED by some of the proto-type cars they have been working on. There weren't that many -or they didn't impress me! The Mitsubishi has an electric car...very tiny...that is coming out here next year. I was unclear as to whether it was already being sold overseas.
But all in all, I did enjoy the Auto show.
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  1. une nouvelle façon de conduire ;o)) la nouvelle K2000 ;o)

  2. Electric cars are beggining to make it's way in Europe, Neva; in Portugal maybe this year or 2011 we will be seeing the first Nissan/Renault electric cars.
    What we already have quite a lot are the hybrid ones from Toyota (Prius), Lexus and Honda.

  3. hee hee -

    Oddly symbolic that Chrysler's Dodge division would be showing this truck upside down.

    Those in the know about what is going on at Chrysler say that when that investment firm bought Chrysler from Mercedes, all product development stopped. Fiat, in the wake of the crisis last year bought most of Chrysler - but new products from Detroit have a two year lead-time in the best of circumstances; a four year lead-time being more typical.

    So it's as if symbolically, Chrysler has turned it's pants upside down and is trying to shake ideas from its pockets...

  4. It's a little odd to show a new model upside down, but it is definitely eye-catching though. Nice to see you posting again.


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