Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Sandia mountain in Albequerque New Mexico

This mountain turned red when the sun finally set........a lovely place for wedding photos......unfortunately....some gentleman decided to blow his brains out on the first golf hole in the early morning so no bride or groom could go out and have their photos done.....a very sad event for a beautiful wedding.
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  1. très belle photo, la lumiere sur la montagne est magnifique
    very nice photograph, the lumiere on the mountain is splendid

  2. Lovely. Yes, why do suicidal people always choose to annoy others, huh? (I'm feeling slightly sarcastic tonight but over here, they do it in front of trains or subway trains so that the traffic is halted for hours and hundreds of thousands arrive late at work...)One suicide can affect 100 000 people... But then again, it is an act of despair and... Oh sorry, I'll stop here! Your photograph is lovely.

  3. What a beautiful place! Sorry to hear about the incident on such a happy occasion.


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