Monday, November 24, 2008

Our first snow

Not only is it our first snow of the season, it is Sparty's first snow as well....he seemed to not mind the snow and I could not get him to come in as he was eating the snow.....just like a kid!


  1. la première neige, superbe. A Evry, Dimanche il a neigé deux heures, mais elle n'a pas tenue, disparue tout de suite, dommage.
    the first snow, superb. A Evry, Sunday it snowed two hours, but it has not held, disappeared immediately, damage.

  2. First snow, the dogs search the snowboard ?

  3. How cute! Winter has arrived. We had snow but it came and went overnight. All that was left were puddles :(

  4. No snow here yet thank goodness. I might be worth it to see my dogs run around trying to eat it.

  5. Great photo of some fine fun. I'm glad you got it to share with us.

  6. Neva, thank you for your visits and commenting on my blog!
    Now I am curious about Sparty, is he Cavalier King Charles spaniel, because he looks exactly same as our Nekku, who lived with us before Kiki
    13 years. Lovely, lovely dog.
    We have now over 30 centimeters snow and today is coming more.
    All the best to you and your family
    including dogs :)

  7. How cute. We are still wet, but I'm sure the snow won't be long.

  8. Mine go absolutely nuts with the snow... :-)

  9. I am curious to know now, where is he sleeping? We tried to put Nekku to her own bed, but she was "crying" all the time and after a while she started to sleep in our children`s bed and then came to our bed! This breed is refined ( right word ?? ) for warming feet like a "hottie".
    I miss her, when I see Sparty, he has so same colors as Nekku.


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