Friday, November 5, 2010

Jelly Belly

About an hour drive away from Inverness, just over the Wisconsin border, there is a Jelly Belly warehouse/store. You can take a tour and see how jelly beans are made. The company goes back before the 1900's. It really is a fascinating tour. This is taken out in front of the store. If you are ever in Kenosha, is a great place for a visit....AND they have a tasting counter for those unusual flavors you might like to try!
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  1. Oh sounds like a fun tour. I didn't know Jelly Bellys were that old. Interesting. MB

  2. Jelly beans, huh?
    When I was young, hum ... when I was a kid I just loved them; now that I'm not so young jelly beans are still delicious but they seem to have some kind of spell with them.
    If I eat one when it reaches my tummy it makes me weight tons! :)))

  3. Jelly beans were replaced by the colorful gumdrops that stick to your teeth. Around here. I don't think it is a nation-wide trend.

  4. Interesting! Is this is a digital scrapbook page? Please tell me more - it looks gorgeous!


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