Sunday, April 18, 2010

A working New Orleans bridge

Thanks to *Louis* over at San Francisco for hosting the new Bridges series. Please stop by his place and see all the lovely bridges!
I live in a fairly flat place so I need to be creative about bridges...but in the is a bridge in New Orleans. It is right next to the 9th ward where so many homes and people were lost. Apparently, a barge on this river, went sailing over the levy and wiped out many homes in the middle of the night. (the 9th ward is to the right in this shot.)
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  1. Excellent, Neva! «Louis» thanks you for joining again this week!
    He's posting the link now!

  2. Sad place but still a very nice blue bridge.

  3. New Orleans has had a very rich and yet sad history, hasn't it? I assume this is over the Mississippi River.

  4. Thank you for stopping over at my Roman bridge and leaving your lovely comment.

    This image reminds me of the horror that was Katrina. So much pain...

  5. A barge sailing over a levee would be a huge shock! I presume this was during the flooding of Katrina?

  6. Goodness! What a story! I bet that cost them a pretty penny.

    I like your bridge.


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